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Growing a creative child

This is a lovely post I found on Elephant Journal. I love the gardening metaphor for developing, enabling and facilitating creativity. What a great discourse for teachers to promote connectedness, thinking about learning and the process of being a teacher.

If creativity is the major driving force in the new economies of our present and future then near enough sin’t good enough. If you get that feeling that you’re just not doing enough, or you’re falling back on bad habits or something just came out of your mouth that you know shouldn’t have then stop. Take a moment…in the classroomwith the children. just stop and do something else. Better that than thinking I must, I should, I have to. Better for them and better for you!

What will you do to enhance your classroom’s creative potential? When the children walk in in the morning are they going to feel that feeling of excited expectation? Even just for a little moment? What can you do to make that happen? it doesn’t have to major fancy pants with awesome technology or took you hours to plan it could be the simplest change in your routine to let go a little, give them some space and challenge their thinking.

Do it.

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